Gatherings of the Women-folk

In the Laurelin (EN-RP) server of Lord of the Rings Online, dwarf women-folk of the kinships Durin’s Folk and Khuzd Belkul have so far had two gatherings (first one rather spontenously) in Durin’s Folk Kinhall. These are in character role playing events, quite small in size and scope. They are aimed to give some space and time to our characters to meet, greet and get to know each other. Spontenous encounters around Thorin’s Hall are also greatly valued, yet an organized event with a particular time and place brings everyone together.

The Gatherings of the Women-folk are ladies only events. Though it does not mean that other dwarves cannot show up with specific roles such as a maiden’s brother or relative. The events so far included song, delicious treats, telling of tales and a little bit of gossip. I hope these gatherings will sow seeds of friendship between our characters.

Last meeting was joined with the Travelling Dwarrow Fayre in Noglond. Our dwarves rode to Noglond after their meeting in Thorin’s Hall Homesteads. This part went a little differently than I had planned due to time restrictions. I had imagined a calm, chatty and hooded pony ride across Ered Luin but we had shift to “running mode” in order to make it to the openning of the market.

There is more to come! Next week we are going to have another gathering, this time Kveltrild has invited her friends over to her cavern. I guess she will be busy preparing for it once she returns to the Hall after the busy fayre in Archet Aid.

I hope our next event is going to be as much fun as before, a hearty and warm thanks to everyone involved. 🙂

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